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Welcome to ANEC
Alberta North Emergency Communication Club

Amateur radio is also known as HAM radio. HAM radio is a dependable communications resource when the normal communications fail due to a disaster of some nature. HAM radios communicate direct from radio to radio and do not depend on a fragile grid system.

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Why Amateur (HAM) Radio.

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About ANEC.

The purposes of the Alberta North Emergency Communication club (ANEC), are to:

1. Provide training, a common meeting ground, and appropriate resources for licensed Amateur Radio Operators, and those actively working to become licensed, who are interested in emergency preparedness, and more specifically emergency communication. To be in full support of the Emergency Response Communication (ERC) program, as well as to assist relief agencies who support the objectives of the club.

2. Provide communications during emergency conditions to the Emergency Response Communication (ERC) program, as well as to relief agencies, when authorized by such agency.

The ANEC club's primary service area is Northern Alberta, North-Eastern British Columbia, North-Western Saskatchewan and the North West Territories.

We are centered in Edmonton and service all areas from Red Deer north into the Territories.

Membership in ANEC is voluntary and is open to all interested individuals.

This website is currently under construction. Watch for more to come.


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